About Us

Hi, I'm April.                                                   


I became a bracelet designer by accident, or maybe necessity?

What the crap does that mean?

Please read the following to understand my journey to creating One Bird Two Stones.........

 At times I haven't been so ALIVE.  In October of 2019 I experienced a crash.  By crash, I mean I was barely a functional person.  I didn’t take care of myself and my anxiety was at an all time high, and my self-esteem was at an all time LOW. Being in the mental health field I knew the things that I needed to do and so I did them.  I made my health both mental and physical, a priority.  I visited my doctor and cried through the whole appointment.  She prescribed me an antidepressant and anxiety meds.  I had many days that I had to stay home because I was sobbing.  One day, Kenny, my husband came home because he was so worried about me.  I made my  focus to take care of myself and to get  well. Some may have seen me as selfish at this point.  It is NOT a selfish act to make yourself a priority! I started walking everyday…..let me tell ya this, some days I cried the entire time I walked and could barely lift my feet off the ground. 

I walked anyway.

 The crying was a release that was so needed. I remember these walks now and think I literally resembled the walking dead! I listened to some amazing podcasts and read some great books that helped me heal. 

I started eating for health, journaling, staying off of social media and away from the TV at night especially.  I could not handle the noise so I knew my body was telling me that I needed quiet.  

Fast forward to March-July.  I “came alive” and feel better than I have ever felt.  I decided to start making jewelry again and the first bracelet I made was this one.  If you look closely, the white and black beads are skeleton beads.  These reminded me of being a zombie and how I had overcome that time.  I needed a replacement for the rubber band I wore around my wrist as a reminder to make my health a priority and this bracelet is what I created for myself.  

Maybe some of you need a reminder to “Come Alive.”  It may mean something else entirely to you.  It may be a reminder to stay off of social media, it may mean for you to find what you are passionate about, or like me, it may be a process of making yourself a priority and healing your emotional and mental health. 


Please know...…. 

This is not only a jewelry company; it is a purpose project. I believe there is a purpose inside all of us. My mission is to create bracelets that remind women to live the fullest life possible

Please join the One Bird Two Stones Facebook group. It is a community of people who support and encourage each other along this journey called life!

When you slip on your beautiful bracelet, think of it as a tool of empowerment!…...choose your intention, wear it, and go after your purpose!

And remember to always live WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!!